Commercial Release. Produced by Toadman Interactive for Glorious Games Group AB (formerly Stardoll AB).

Available on Android and iOS. 4+ rating on both platforms.

Engine: Unity.

My time on the project:  April 2015 to October 2016

My roles: Game design, monetization design, writer, localization manager, scripter, sound designer, and during the last 3 ½ months, producer.

My notes: Stylista was the first commercial game where I was a part of the project from beginning to end. It was an immensely rewarding experience and I learned so much. Working on a mobile title was interesting and certainly a useful experience, especially because I learned so much about retention, conversion and all those little things that go into making a freemium game. I had to wear many hats during the course of development, but I love being involved in everything so that suited me fine. For most of the final year I was the lone designer on the project  and for the last few months I also took over producer duties on my companys side. Having more responsibility was very rewarding.

About the game: Stylista is a cool dressup game where you travel to fashion capitals all over the world and style your friends for cool events. You can also take your styles to the Runway and compete against other players for a chance to become the prestigious Covergirl.