Bloodsports.TV Blood Brawl DLC

Commercial Release. Produced by Toadman Interactive. Published by Fatshark.
Available on Steam here.

Engine: Autodesk Stingray.

My time on the project: 3-4 weeks.

My work: ​For Bloodsports’ first DLC I was given sole designer responsibility. Designed a new boss, four new items and collaborated with a level designer to create two new levels. One of these featured a more random, fast paced version of the standard gameplay. Also wrote all promotional text and filler material.

My notes: It felt amazing to be given responsibility for the DLC, and designing entirely new items was also a blast. Writing for this project was also a lot of fun, the world of Krater which the game is set in allows for a lot of humor and gags involving swedish-sounding things.

bloodbrawl01 bloodbrawl02