Commercial Release. Produced by Toadman Interactive. Published by Fatshark.
Available on Steam here.

Engine: Autodesk Stingray.

My time on the project: final 3 months.

My work: Designing boss encounters and enemy abilities as well as items and hero abilities. Tweaked the progression system a lot. Tutorial design and scripting. Balancing and testing. Some audio design and writing.

My notes: Bloodsports.TV was the first commercial game release I was involved in and also the first game where I was not intimately involved in the original design of the game. It was a fun challenge to integrate myself into someone else project and begin contributing quickly. It was also interesting to work in a completely new engine, and a scripting language I hadn’t used before (LUA). I quickly found that the engine allowed for quick iteration  which suited my workflow very well. Learned so much about polishing and working on a game where money is actually on the line. It was an amazing project to be part of, and played a big part in my development as a game designer.

About the game:  ​Bloodsports is a top down hero defense game heavily inspired by old Warcraft 3 custom maps like Enfos. Players take on waves of enemies that are trying to get to the missile silo which you are defending. The game four game classes and eight characters to choose from

bloodsports02 bloodsports01