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University Project. 2nd year.
Development time: 3 weeks.
Limitations: Game had to convey a message.
Download: Coming soon.

Design notes: Take on hordes of sick patients in this top down action game. With only your trusty homepathic medicine bag filled with crystals, potions and powder, your job is to cure all of your patients before you catch their diseases. Will you succeed? (Hint: no)

My work: Project manager, lead designer, mechanics and gameplay design, some level design and building, lighting, some interface design.

What went right: We went for a arcade machine look and feel which I think we did pretty well. The game is fun but hard, but that pretty well conveys the message of the futility of homeopathic “medicine”.

What went wrong: I was sick for parts of the project which lead to lots of stress.

What I learned: Don’t  get sick! It was a fun game to make and I liked conveying a message through the gameplay rather than spelling it out for the player.