Gone Dark

gonedarkscreen2 gonedarkscreen1 Gone Dark

University Project. 2nd year.
Development time: 10 weeks.
Limitations: Strategy game.
Download: here

Design notes: I basically wanted to recapture the feeling of old XCOM night levels and make it with flash lights in the dark. This project was the longest I’d worked on so far, and it turned out pretty well. The movement and control of characters are all single mouse clicks or click and drag, making a port to a tablet or other touch device very easy.

My work: Project manager, lead designer, mechanics and gameplay design, some level design and building, lighting, interface design, misc. programming, sound design, voice-over, some 2d art.

What went right: The project went much better than I had originally expected. The group became a tight knit unit. I set the bar pretty high and expected us to come in at about 80% and we exceeded the bar. We built a lot of tools and back-end features that simplify the work process now that we don’t have all day to work on it. This is definitely the best game I’ve made to date but also the best team I’ve had.

What went wrong: Bugs. Lots of them. Engine problems. Being so dependent on dynamic lights and deferred rendering is not good if you have a port to tablets in mind.

What I learned: I learned much about myself as a project lead and designer. It certainly was a confidence builder. I learned to keep feature creep in mind. There were a lot of details to keep track of in this one, and I was able to keep them in check and not lose focus.