Global Game Jam Project.
Development time: 48 hours.
Limitations: None.
Download: here

Design notes: Global Game Jam is the perfect opportunity to design something weird and (hopefully) fun. The game is based around the idea of hiding the identity of the players. It’s played with between 2-4 players with xbox360 controllers. Each player must move to the beat of the music and figure out which character they are amongst the AI robot dancers on the stage. Then keep an eye out for who they suspect other players to be, and then knock them out. If a player knocks a AI out, he is punished by being coloured for a few seconds and thus be revealed as a player.

My work: Project manager, lead designer, mechanics and gameplay design, sound, music, GUI programming.

What went right: We tested very early, children who were visiting the jam site became our primary test subjects, and to my delight they understood the concept right away, even when it was completely devoid of graphics and simply grey cubes on a green plane. The game was completed on time, and we didn’t even stay up all night.

What went wrong: Bugs. Right at the goal line.

What I learned: Early testing is vitally important. Also, don’t always discount weird ideas and dare to fail.